Fifty Second Saturday – August 25th


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Back to where it all began, sissy and I headed out to the Green City Market with Moose and T, for some sunshine, pretzel rolls, and fresh flowers.  Afterwards, we went met up with A for some lunch, and I celebrated the big 5-2 with some ice cream, (extra fudge, hold the cherry) exactly as I like it.

We finished the night off at Logan Square festival, with some serious beatz and a ginormous lemonade.

Well folks, we made it!  This Saturday is officially the fifty-second Saturday video!!  I’ll do a bit of a yearly recap in a few, so be on the lookout!  The party’s not yet over, Sy has far too much cute for just 52 Saturdays.

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Saturday August 18th

Saturday A and I went out for a bite to eat at the-restaurant-who-shall-not-be-named, for a little date night that ended terribly after we got home, with A doing a little Linda Blair impression… to the horror of Sy and myself.  Homeboy was out of commission.  Not even the fantastical healing powers of Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes could help, and those cupcakes are as magical as baby unicorns.  (I have had several dreams where the only food we serve at our wedding was cupcakes from SWB’s…and upon waking, I am still pretty convinced that this idea is awesome.)

Silas held a vomit vigil outside the closed bathroom door crying, and because clearly I am an awesome doctor/nurse/girlfriend I heroically put several pillows over my ears and whisper-shouted “are you ok?”, hoping he would take some pepto,, and we could return to the great sunday morning sleep-in.  (hey boyfriend, I’m still super sorry about that… my bad…).

Yours truly and made him up the greatest trashcan-within reach of the couch-within reach of the remote-within reach of 15 bottles of gatorade set-up evar, and headed out to give him a break from my banging around and temperature taking.  Sissy and I took the Moosh for a little dog park action, and then to brownstones for their skillet mac and cheese with bacon.  YES.

Fortunately, A seems to have made a full recovery, as Dr. Silas kept him on a strict regimen of nerdy-tv show watching and sleeping all of Sunday.  Fortunately for us, Dr. Silas gets compensated with belly rubs and catnip.

Its a good thing there are so many delicious places around, we won’t even miss NEVER AGAIN visiting the one with the suspicious shellfish.

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Also, our boy Jack has been through a bit of an ordeal with knee surgery and a subsequent infection.  He is on the road to recovery, probably wondering why he didn’t get ice cream after surgery, like he saw in the movies.  Get well soon Pup!  One million internet kisses for our favorite Blackjack. ❤

Birthday Saturday.


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This weekend sissy and I celebrated our very favorite day just the way we like, with big hair, dancing, and most importantly, family and friends.

After doing a little shopping, and having Sy help us pick out something decent to wear from the clothing bomb that went off in my room, we invited over the lovely Carley Martin to help us get birthday-fied.  She seriously worked her magic, and off we went, to get our dance on.

Sunday after getting up early to hit a giant flea market with my mamacites, we went back to their house for some authentic midwestern mexican food.  After we filled ourselves silly with tacos we chatted a bit about the 2012-2013 family trip to mexico-palooza.  The one downside to an August birthday is the reminder that afterwards it starts the dreaded cold-front countdown, but the thought of being back in the Yucatan is seriously making me excited for ready to tolerate winter.

Mom’s homemade brownie-chocolate chip-ice cream cake was the cherry on top of a wonderful birthday week.  Thanks everyone, for making this birthday incredible!

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A big birthday shout-out to (quite literally) my other half!  Last year I promised that ‘this would be our year’, and I was absolutely right.  This year however, will be full of new adventures and familiar traditions, as we head back out Mexico (fingers crossed!), kick ass at our jobs, snuggle our pets, eat lots of sushi, plan a wedding, and march on forward into adulthood.

Happy birthday sissy… THIS will be our year.

Saturday August 4th

This weekend, when I wasn’t being coerced into hours upon hours of flinging headbands for Sy to chase, I was getting down to the bottom of the dust/cat hair tumbleweed problem in our apartment.

In preparation for my upcoming birthday weekend, we scrubbed, we swept, dusted, bleached, sprayed, folded, organized, and finally collapsed, in our clean, tumbleweed free apartment.  After the marathon clean, I rewarded myself with an afternoon of reading on the porch, while A took his turn entertaining the lil dictator.

music: michael kiwanuka – home again

Saturday July 21st / 28th


Playing a little catch-up, this week’s video covers last weekend’s ‘gettin hitched garage sale’, which was a pretty big success overall!  Thanks to our family’s junk, a million hours of pricing and organizing, and three days of sitting/standing/haggling/shmoozing, a few more Benjamins Washingtons got invited to the wedding!

This weekend we had a bitty barbecue to celebrate W’s birthday, with homemade sangria, mojitos, and everybody’s favorite, pie (though I have no doubt K could whip up an amazing pie, this one was from here)  Delicious-supreme.

Sunday we piled into Ye Olde Automobile, pointed it northward, and headed up to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, so I could have a legitimate place to wear my sister-wife skirt and flower crown.  The Ren Faire is home to giant turkey legs, bosoms as far as the eye can see, and lots and lots of absurdly detailed costumes.

After watching the falconer, and our knight get bucked off of his good sassy stead, I channeled my inner Katniss Everdeen with a little bit of archery.  Fortunately for the hay bale, but unfortunately for my ego, I was terrible.  I blame my glaucoma…and being left-handed…and being tall…and…and… I was at a DISADVANTAGE I tell ya!  After my miserable performance came sissy, who called it a day after finally hitting the hale bale at all.  We were shown up by our menfolk, who were then equally shown up by our mother.  Go mamacites!

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Saturday July 14th


This weekend, after Sy ‘helped’ me accessorize my outfit, by dragging my belts out of the closet and parading them around the house, A and I headed out to my parents house to unpack, organize, and price things for the Wedding Garage Sale Bonanaza next weekend.

My mom is either a saint, or a touch crazy, to agree to help us with all of this… and by ‘help’, I mean collect and store garage-sale-able items for three years in her crawlspace, lug said items up from the basement, and spend 3+ days going through the boxes, unpacking, pricing, repacking, unpacking again, and dealing with 16 hours of ‘So mom, how much do you think…’ ‘Mom!  Where is the…’ ‘Hey mom, can you help me with…’ and lots and lots of ‘Mooooooom!!!’ that came her way.

We rewarded ourselves with a trip to the rodeo to watch amazing feats of horsemanship (and bullmanship?) and eat all of the ice cream.  Because we deserved it.

Next weekend comes the hard part… making our junk into someone else’s junk, and then the best part, making their money into our money.

music: donora – i think i like you

Saturday July 7th


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This weekend we took Lil Homie out for his first romp in the brave new world known as ‘the outdoors’.  He was pretty impressed, and now considers himself ‘Great Hunter Cat’, and constantly meows veiled threats at the bees from the windowsill.

Saturday I went home to mom and dads to run some errands and help peel the wallpaper down in the bathroom for the great bathroom remodel.  Now that they don’t have three girls at home fighting for the bathroom, they can spare a week or so with only one shower.  Adios outlet mall wallpaper (which, for the record, was super stylish), and see ya later 1990’s linoleum… make room for the rain shower and fancy Japanese talking toilets.

Later, mom and I went to Dog Days festivities, with dock jumping dog contests, adorable puppehs, and dog caricaturists.  Somehow, I caught a life threatening case of Tiny Dog Fever.  I don’t normally even care for purse carrying, sweater wearing, cupcake eating canine friends, but yet, I find myself absurdly, ridiculously, can-I-haz-now-ly thinking of how much Silas I would love a tiny furry friend.  Somebody call the doctor, I need a dose of reality.

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Saturday June 30th


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This weekend sissy and I took a break from our lazy weekend routines and geared up with my sister-in-law, and our ‘mudder‘ for the Dirty Girl 5k.  After several trips to the store for neon sports bras and war paint, we got our craft on.  Mom found a picture of us from way back…our heads were smaller and our glasses were larger.

Running up mud hills, over walls, through cargo nets, and finally a giant dive (or in my case, a belly flop) into the sloppy, gooey mud pit.

Afterwards we celebrated with a drink and an ice-cold shower.

music: bear driver – enemy : the cults – go outside