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Labor day weekend was so jam packed full of family, grilling, picnicking, dog walking, and coffee, that will end up being a double feature.  Part I includes a morning trip to the Green City Market for some flowers (Moose approved), and fresh cream for a homemade mint chocolate chip pie (more on that later…).  After browsing, we headed off to do a little apartment shopping, and then back to the homestead to get ready for the evening.  A and I made a pit stop to City provisions to get picnic supplies and went down to Millennium Park (I was bribed with pickles and cupcakes into sitting still for over an hour of jazzy-jazzy fun times).  We complimented that well balanced meal by stopping at a Chinese bakery, and then spent the remainder of the evening doing our weekly late night grocery shopping for the rest of the ingredients, and a little special something for a little special someone.

music: Noah and the Whale – Shape of My Heart