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We started off the second part of Labor Day weekend driving out to the suburbs to visit mom and dad, with a stop at ‘the office’, (what I started calling Starbucks during my stint in unemployment.)  As a matter of fact, I am coming to you live from one of my remote offices downtown, since blogging/surfing the internet superhighway is generally frowned upon at my real job.  Where was I?  Oh yes, extended weekend fun-times were had at Costco, during campfires, and in the lush and beautiful garden that my mother has so dutifully tended (which has provided her clever, garden-trespassing of a dog with many a happy, tomato filled afternoon).  There was delicious barbecue, home made desserts, and fortunately for me, 13,426,053 pots of barista dad’s fresh brewed coffee (he makes it better than anyone in the office ever could).  The rest of the weekend was filled with running dogs, kitchen dances, campfire stories, and most of all, lots of laughter.  Lazy summer days might be ending, but if this weekend was a preview of what’s to come, bring it on fall!

music: Beach House – Zebra