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This weekend was the big ol’ Renegade Craft fair in Chicago, where sissy, the pups and I met up with my mom, aunt, and cousin to browse through the wares of some seriously crafty ladies and gents.  Unfortunately for my bare walls, I didn’t make any purchases, (I was far too busy corralling the pups, and answering the non-stop stream of questions and comments about their background, food intake, habits, and whether or not they eat small children).

I was in charge of walking the ‘smaller’ of the two (the WORKING dog, as my mom likes to put it, as he holds three obedience/drafting titles), lucky for me, because when it comes to navigating crowds, he was a CHAMP.  I am pretty much useless when it comes to obedience or good dog law enforcing.

When darkness fell, sissy and I went back to my place to put our faces on, and head out to meet our two favorite twins.  We drank rumchata (horchata liquor… ¡Viva México!), reminisced on old times, and danced like we were back in college.   The next morning however, I did not bounce back like college.  I was in dire need of a breakfast burrito and an ungodly amount of orange juice.  Off to Selmarie we went, with a pit stop at Gene’s Sausage shop, one of my favorite places to browse the European goods, and feel oh so so-phis-ti-cated when I make an ass out of myself trying to read the label off of scandanavian pickles.  We made it home just in time to watch the ‘Sunday afternoon kitty circus’, when Sy tears around the house and hits absolutely everything in site with his tiny kung-fu paws.

music: Phoenix – Lisztomania