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The coffee pot is empty, and all of the Babybel’s have been eaten, but here it is!  This weekend we hosted a friend from very fancy Washington DC.  How do I show a uber-cultured-DC-living guest around?  The obvious answer was to take her out for tacos.  Twice.  Don’t worry though, I like to have un poco variety, so we did bulgogi tacos for lunch at Brownstones (…and just maybe their smoked mac ‘n cheese too, but who’s counting).  Then back to the porch to enjoy a rasberry chocolate tart (ok, I clearly have a problem, as this particular treat makes an appearance in 3 out of the 5 videos I have done so far.  It’s like the Alfred Hitchcock of dessert-cameos).  For dinner, it was the second round of tacos at La Amistad, where I drowned myself in a giant vat of horchata (que rico).

The next morning I had my knight in shining Camry drop me off at the train, so I could head out to the suburbs to go to the Leonberger picnic (after a stop at the office, of course) Dogs, people and ponies of all sizes and shapes made up the rag-tag bunch that gathered at the forest preserve in the rain.  When leonbergers play, they really have a good time, like furry mosh-pits, only with more teeth and less teenage angst.  Jack delighted the crowd by pulling his cart full of flowers, and the 14 week-old puppy slayed the hearts of everyone by getting involved in every brawl she could get her paws on, and jumping on the backs of the adult dogs (and hanging on for dear life).  She was one tough, fearless little puppy (with an adorable round little toddler belly), and I swear I heard her say ‘somebody hold me back!’

The evening was spent watching in horror as the Bears got spanked.  I poured my sorrow into a gallon size tupperware of Mom’s Ramen Noodle Salad, and called it a night.



music: Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings