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This rainy weekend started off just the way it should… with girlfriends, thai food, and fancy rasberry beer (so fancy indeed, it didn’t even taste like beer).  I don’t know whether it was the thai food, the beer, or just the excitement of the culmination of all of my favorite things, but somehow I ended up having some sort of allergic reaction, and spent the rest of the meal sneezing and going through an entire purse-pack of ‘borrowed’ kleenex (big hey-yo to Melissa for being well stocked in tissues for my outburst).

After my indecent snot show, we took the party back to my house where I was able to convince the ladies to shoot ‘Fruit 2day’ drinks.  What is ‘fruit 2day’ you ask?  According to their website, it is ‘a combination of real fruit juice and delicious bits of fruit. and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced’.  Well that’s for damn sure.  I usually prefer that my fruit juice NOT contain chewable size pieces of fruit.  I like juice.  I like fruit snacks.  I do not like fruit snacks in my juice.  It’s a choking hazard.  But since they were on sale, and I bought a bajillion, I am spreading the wealth.  So what looks like ‘post-vodka shot ugly face’ is merely our own market research group’s reaction…we vetoed the fruit 2day concept all together.

After getting all of our vitamins, we headed out to the Grafton for the birthday celebration of the lovely Miss May.  The equally beautiful and hysterical Ms. Diaz-James kept us all entertained, from shielding sissy from the ‘paparazzi’, to her many (increasingly enthusiastic) renditions of Spanish love songs.  Thanks to Anthony (who had a marathon to run the next morning), we got out of there at a reasonable hour, and I poured myself into a cab and said adieu.

The next day, though starting off dreary and drab (similar to my own condition after being coerced into drinking a god-awful shot known as the ‘tic-tac’), cleared up quite nicely, just in time for the Randolph Street Market.  J, K, and I made an appearance, and spent the next ten hours (just a rough estimate) deciding which salvaged tin ceiling tiles most accurately conveyed the mood of their kitchen.

After a stop at Twisted Spoke for brunch, (where J had black pepper with a side of breakfast tacos), I headed home, but not before stopping at Sweet Sensations to get some cupcakes, logically.

That evening was topped off with Italian, and a trip to see everybody’s boyfriend, Ryan Gosling in Drive.

All of the eating, drinking, movie watching, and antique shopping had me worn out, so I fell asleep on my favorite four-legged pillow, where I promptly got busted and got a little taste of my own medicine, video-taped while sleeping.  At least I did you all a favor and set it to music, to drown out my snoring.



music: Delta Spirit – Strange Vine