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This weekend was movingpalooza, with K and W loading up 8 years of their life into a truck and taking a scenic (if you’re into rain/fog/low visibility) drive to their new sweet home chicago, and sissy moving as well.  Saturday, ‘Essenpreis movers, shakers, fluffers, and decorators’ came up to help with phase II, and we spent almost the entire day schlepping and organizing.  Three coffee runs, two apartments, and one very happy lady later, we were done, and it was time to chow down on homemade macaroni, sloppy joes, applesauce, and bacon infused cupcakes.

The next morning sissy, A and I went to brownstones, to enjoy one of the few patio days left, and scarf down more macaroni and cupcakes, which came in close second to the one mom made from scratch a day earlier.

The rest of Sunday was spent at a certain store that rhymes with Small-Fart, where I spent all of my savings getting cheap housewares and the influenza bug.  I should have just stocked up in kleenex.



music: Fredrik – Alina’s Place