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This weekend we wanted to show Chicago’s newest two residents where the party train derails into ‘shotty-town’.  To prepare, we started off at the sa-lon getting our hairs done, drinking enough wine that the hairdresser was able to convince us that our eye brows were in some dire need of highlighting.  whut?  Fear not, the cray-cray eyebrow situation we had (apparently) neglected was quickly remedied.  With shiny locks and merlot stained lips, we went back to sissy’s new apartment to get the night started with sushi and beer.

Like the classy broads and gents we are, we hopped the El, and went to Resi’s beer garden, where we met up with the pride of Warren Township Highschool class of 2000.  After several rounds, and quite a bit of general debauchery, we moved the dance party to another bar.  Shortly thereafter, I ninja-vanished (to the safety of my bed) in typical form, and everyone else went to the James’ house to paint toenails and french braid each others hair drink Colombian liquor, fall over couches, and break things.

Bright and early the next morning, after breakfast at the local diner, we went to mom and dad’s house to do some grilling and ‘shop’ around mom’s house/garden for things to decorate our apartments.  At more than 70 degrees, the weather could not have been more perfect for Columbus day weekend, now if only it could hold out like this until next April, I would be a happy girl.



music: Jack Peñate – Pull My Heart Away