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Friday we spent celebrating the lovely Ms. Diaz James’ birthday at Fountainhead, then continued the birthday soiree at sissy’s house, with a rousing game of ‘Cards of Humanity’, touted as ‘the game for terrible people’ (like apples to apples, rated R version).  Between shots of cachaca (for the loser card), we all did our best Elaine Benes inspired dance moves (with or without K’s chocolate smile sucker accessories).

Saturday morning A and I made pumpkin whoopie pies to bring to movie night, (while  sous-chef Silas made sure we followed the recipes purr-fectly from his kitty-chef stool).  The evening was spent as any near-halloween-Saturday should be spent, watching horror movies and eating pizza.  This week’s double feature was ‘Return of the Living Dead’, and [REC], and while I usually zonk out after the opening credits of most movies, these two kept me wide awake (or maybe that was just the sugar rush that comes from eating almost an entire bag of Sour Patch Kids…)

Sunday morning was spent in a bacon coma, after eating dad’s world famous breakfast.  Fortunately the bacon-master wasn’t too exhausted to help A and I level and sand the legs off the table that I picked up with mom at the Grayslake flea market last week.  Crappy-chic no more!



music: Crystal Castles – Vanished