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This Saturday is dedicated to the (somewhat annual) Halloween Road Rally.  In celebration of J + K’s wedding anniversary (held on Halloween last year) they petitioned the Great and Powerful Clue-Maker, (and her mouthpiece.) to come up with a list of clues that would have us driving wildly around the suburbs to solve, photograph, and hunt for ingredients for our ‘witches brew’.  This year, however, the Clue-Maker had some help from one of the party hosts, and the Road Rally went viral, with its own twitter feed spitting out clues throughout the night.

With our fearless banana behind the wheel, formaldehyde face, Joker and Rosie the Riveter crusaded for Halloween victory, spending most of our time running back and forth between churches, cemeteries, and ‘crime scenes’.  One of my favorite clues had my team taking me for a spin around the cul-de-sac in a little red wagon, towing a freshly ‘unearthed’ Bert the skeleton.  My team may not have won, but we did fare better than team One, who got pulled over by the somewhat overzealous long arm of the law.  Good thing someone remembered to leave the prop shotgun at home.

Afterward we rallied with some pizza and cupcakes, while the victorious team picked through 10 lbs of candy winnings.  Fortunately for me, the banana boyfriend was on the winning team, and while he watches jazz/skateboarding/cat videos on youtube, I sit on Candy Mountain and eat my way down… I am doing my very best to make sure he doesn’t get any cavities.  Besides, since when do bananas need candy anyway?

music: The Black Keys – Howlin’ for You

*No bananas were injured (or bruised) in the making of this movie.