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In honor of daylight ‘crap it’s dark at 5’ saving time, I thought it would be nice to throw back a few.  We rang in the official Beginning of the End of Ever Seeing the Sun Again at Brenden’s, the local Albany Park hangout, where the drinks are cheap, and the dancing is free.  As it probably should be.  After several rounds of trying to out cabbage patch and moonwalk each other, eventually we all collapsed in a heap of elbows and jazz hands.

All of the party animals were eventually put back into their cages for the remainder of the evening.  Saturday morning was spent recovering and pretending to be a real adult, who does adult things like get the car’s oil changed, and pay rent.  Saturday evening we took the People’s Train downtown to go to Murasaki Sake Lounge, where I happen to know the DJ (because I am in the know, you know).  A did his record scratching/button pushing/knob turning thing for the better part of the evening.  Lucky for him he had an entire EXTRA SIXTY MINUTES of time in the day, thanks to farmers, or Benjamin Franklin, or vampires or something.  After his set, we called it a night, but not before the crowd showered him with single red roses and teddy bears, obviously.



music: Miike Snow – Animal