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This weekend A and I threw together our weekend bags, rationed out our snacks, kissed the kitty goodbye, and headed off to lovely Saugatuck, MI to enjoy the 60 degree fall weather, before Mother nature covers the heartland in thirty feet of snow.

After accomplishing my tasks as Navigator-General (“just go North”), I was able to sit back, hoard all of the chocolate covered pretzels, and watch the cityscape turn to farmland… with a minor detour through the armpit of the midwest, (I’m looking at you, Gary, Indiana).

After arriving, putting our bags in our room, and checking the old lumbar mill for secret passageways, we went to ‘Crazy Horse’ saloon, where they were not fooling around with the cuts of meat.  To escape post-prime-rib coma, we did what any self-respecting tourist does… drove around the area making u-turns and looking for Wal-Mart.

Saturday morning breakfast was delicious, obviously, because someone else made it, and afterward, we took the bikes for a spin around town.  Saugatuck is the place to be… in the summer.  The sleepy shore town was pretty much empty for the season, which made for more space to do bicycle donuts in the parking lots, and pretend that the reason you had your choice of any table at the restaurant was because you were fancy.

The rest of our time was spent picnicking (picniquing?  pick-a-nic-ing?), antiquing, buying chipotle olive oil, and calling home for updates on our cat (just kidding…?).  Sunday morning came all too quickly, and though I missed the city, it was really nice to play country mouse for the weekend.


music: Fruit Bats – When U Love Somebody