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I started this chilly weekend off at the coldest place I know… my parents house.  Where the thermostat is set at a balmy -10 degrees, so my mom has an excuse to put all of the 143 quilts that she owns to work, keeping her warm-blooded, cold-handed children from turning into these.

We spent the morning at the flea market, where we picked through a mountain of overpriced lamps, ugly vintage Christmas decor, and shiny, shiny jewelry.  Braving the cold, we headed outside, where we stumbled upon my favorite vendor, the gentleman who is responsible for almost all of the furniture that can now be found in my apartment.  He is a kind, generous, fuh-reaking gold mine when it comes to salvaged wood, antiques, and purveyor of all things awesome.  Not to be one to go home empty handed, I found an old door and a piece of re-purposed barn wood that I thought would like to come home with me.

That evening, we picked out our very own Griswald family Christmas tree, then went to warm up a little south of the border, at Rudy’s Mexican Restaurant.  Que delicia.

The next morning, after scrubbing the daylights out of the old door, dad took me and my new (old) things home, and he and A spent some time with hammers and tape measures making holes in my walls and banging things until VOILA, I had myself a very fancy apartment indeed.  Even Silas was impressed.

music: Chris and Thomas – Horse in the Sky