This weekend we did an experimental trial run of New Years (you know, for science), checking out the pizza place and bar to get a feel for the places.  Since K + W have out of town friends coming to celebrate baby new year (or father time?), we had to make sure the pizza would accurately represent the windy city.

Saturday Sissy and I helped my Migs and her sissy celebrate their birthday.  There was plenty of dancing, inappropriate winter-wear, and red lipstick…a total twin-fest, just how I like it. (Hi Greta! ❤ )

Sunday after running errands and doing 35 loads of laundry, A and I rewarded ourselves with some Korean, meeting Sissy and Tony out for some tiny-barbecue-fun-times.  Afterward, feeling particularly festive, we spent the rest of the evening building Mr and Mrs Gingerbread an awesome new bungalow, complete with gumdrop shingles and a candy-cane walkway.  Sy made sure all of the construction was up to (candy) code.  This morning however, I noticed that the poor Gingerbreads’ had some serious vandalism through the night…particularly the skittle cobblestones.  I’ll have to alert the proper authorities (the dentist.)

music: Neon Trees – Animal