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I spent the waning hours of 2011 doing a few of the things that I love best, eating pizza and getting my dance on.  I was certainly in good company at (the owl and the boiler room), and since we started out our night at 5:30 (!), we were able to have plenty of time to establish dance floor supremacy.  Until the lace on my dress became hopelessly entangled with some random gentleman’s pocket button, and my dance times came to screeching (and quite embarrassing) halt.

I licked my wounds and recovered, and spent the rest of the beginning of 2012 alternating between cuddling with Sy while he slept inside his favorite backpack, and (allegedly) throwing my toiletries down the hallway of my apartment to check their aerodynamics.  Thankfully A put me to bed at some point, however, I did wake up to the cat chasing around a bottle of mascara, so…

New Year’s Resolution #1 – act like an adult.

Sunday morning I dove into a pot of coffee and giant burger at the Fountainhead, before saying goodbye to out of town friends who we hope enjoyed the Chicago pizza  so much, that they will have to come back.  This time we promise to take you somewhere where the jukebox plays all night long.

This year has been a roller coaster of new beginnings for myself, and it seems, pretty much everyone around me.  I said goodbye to my old job, and spent my summer entertaining my cat and spending time with my mom, until I became a contributing member of society once again with a brand new 9-5.  I said goodbye to friends who moved out of state and hello to siblings who moved back home.  Finally, I started this little blog…here’s hoping that 2012 brings as much fun, dancey, and laugh filled weekends as 2011 did.

music: Youth Group – Forever Young