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This weekend began with a double date night, comida Mexicana (in preparacion for our trip next week to the good ol’ Yucatan Peninsula!), then to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, where Rooney Mara knocked my socks off, bringing to life the Lisbeth Salanader I had pictured as I read through the trilogy.

Saturday sissy and I had our eyeballs poked, prodded, and photographed with our favorite glaucoma guru.  Afterwards, we donned our giant sunglasses to avoid having our poor dilated retinas burst into flames in the sunlight, and headed to the office for a coffee or two, or ten.

Saturday night we had our first annual gathering of the cousins at 90 Miles Cuban cafe.  The food was good, the drinks were smooth, the music was loud, and I couldn’t understand a word that was spoken … which, for the record, pretty much mirrors my experience studying abroad.

Sunday morning A and I went for a walk around our neighborhood to enjoy the warm spring weather.  After a trip to the bakery for cupcakes and coffee, we went home to watch our ‘little gentleman friend’ (what A’s incredible 98 year old grandmother calls our cat)  pretend he was a ferocious bird-stalking beast, (with the windows open, he can really show them who’s boss, by, you know, cackling and making his eyes really big.)  its almost mid-January and there hasn’t been a snowpocalypse yet in Chicago?  Hallelujah, amen, praise the sun goddess, kthnxbai.

Next week in Mejico!

Also, I am not sure why the quality on this video is so terrible… perhaps it was the combination of a dark bar, a video editing novice, and trusty iPhone acting a fool.  I have downloaded i OS 5 onto my iPhone, so here’s hoping next week’s looks a little bit better!  Advice also welcome.  very welcome.  with sugar on top.

music: Travis – love will come through