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This weekend was a little tribute to some of my favorite things: tacos, cupcakes, kitty, coffee, girlfriends, and date night.

Saturday morning, Sy found himself a cute (but ex-tra-ordinarily loud) new toy.  He spent most of the day carrying/throwing around/showing some love to a wooden dreidel that he found around the house.  I stumbled out of bed after hearing the bang! bang! bang! of it hitting the floor, and spent the rest of the morning alternating between delighting in his adorableness and trying to convince him that his (silent) sparkleballs really-are-just-as-fun-I-swear.  Finally, we had to hide the dreidel, for fear that our downstairs neighbors might complain about our hannu-cat (or think we had a particular fondness for wooden shoes)

When not being entertained/annoyed by the cat, I went out and splurged on some new running shoes,  and, always one to balance the scales, I spent the rest of the afternoon buying loads of cheese (and sour patch kids for good measure).

We began date night at Del Seoul, a Korean taco joint that has cheap, fantastic ‘food truck’ style eats (and I kind of have a thing for tacos).  I chowed down on the panko-crusted shrimp, kalbi, and sambal fish tacos, and, in my taco euphoria bliss, I was (almost) convinced that we needed to move to Lincoln Park asap.  Afterward, in desperate need for a metabolism activating walk, we strolled over to Sweet Mandy B’s, another one of my favorites, for some good ol’ fashioned cupcakes.  While there, I demonstrated the ‘cupcake sandwich’ method of eating a cupcake, passed down through generations of cupcake lovers.  Its a legacy I tell ya!

Sunday I ventured back over to Lincoln Park to meet up and gossip with my favorite twins for ladies sushi brunch.  We discussed Important Pressing Matters (you know, the state of the European debt crisis, boyfriends, our cats…things like that).  There is not much better than decompressing with your girlfriends over spicy shrimp maki.

One more trip to ‘the office’, and the weekend was over… it was already time to head to the real office, where nobody makes my coffee.

music: broken bells – high road