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This weekend was the first annual family-winter-cabin-bingo-vacation…and it was great.

As part of our Christmas haul, mom and dad booked us a giant cabin near Starved Rock State Park, (one of my very favorite places to visit).  We all drove down on friday night, in time for a dinner of pulled pork and orzo salad.  After dinner, we broke open the 500 piece puzzle that mom had borrowed from a friend who swore it could be completed in 2 hours.  This puzzle led to just about everyone squinting and swearing for the rest of the weekend at those damn leaves, and those damn blue sky pieces.  Curses!

Saturday morning we got a jump start with some amazing gooey bread that my sister-in-law made (ingredients included bacon, biscuits, and brown sugar, among others…yes please.)  Then we headed to Matthiessen State Park to jump on rocks, scale ledges, and ooh-n-ahh at the waterfalls.  After my hands were sufficiently hypothermic, we returned to the cabin for some intense scrabble, and to chisel away at the jigsaw that had far too many similar looking trees.

For dinner, we went to the Starved Rock Lodge, where I kicked off the month of ‘Prime-rib-ruary’ (a tradition that began last year, after a series of date nights landed us in restaurants that had this delicious cut of meat as their special during the month of February).

After dinner we went back to the cabin, and finished off our night with Bellinis and bingo.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

music: bootstraps – fortyfive / starfucker – rawnald gregory erickson the second