This weekend began on Friday with my office Christmas party (yes, really.)  However, even though my lipstick was great, and my hair looked fan-tastic, Friday night did not make the cut for my weekend video.  Other than the obvious (I was way too busy eating free red velvet cake) I have a sneaking suspicion my coworkers might not have been too keen on making guest appearances, and nobody wants their (clearly labeled) sammiches to go missing in the office refrigerator.

Saturday morning I ran around Lincoln Square, did a few errands, then came home to do a little cleaning before we went out to Del Seoul (again).  I had yet to try the bulgogi banh mi sandwich, and since it was on the way… (it really wasn’t on the way to anything other than my dreams… but I digress).  After a movie, we did a bit of midnight grocery shopping.  When the grocery store is half-empty, and I can wander the aisles aimlessly, and every complicated recipe I have ever wanted to attempt suddenly seems like such a good idea.  Empty grocery stores hold such PROMISE for my culinary whims, but the cart always eventually ends up with 13 pounds of snack sized junk food and some tangerines.

Sunday morning A and I met up with sissy and her boyfrehn at Over Easy.  And it was delicious.  Obviously.  Afterwards we hit up the farmers market in Logan Square to buy some meat and cheese, which my cat promptly lorded over until I was able to bribe him away with Temptations chicken treats and cat nip.

music: amandine – for all the marbles