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This Saturday I left the kitty home to play with his favorite stuffed monkey Chico, and went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant where the food was no bueno.  Fortunately the ginormous margaritas took the edge off the swampy enchiladas, but since Chicago is teeming with delicious Mexican restaurants, there won’t be another ‘la vista’ to ‘hasta’.

Saturday morning I headed out to my parents for some good ol’ fashioned estate sale browsing.  Along the way, we stopped into a great gag store, with plenty of giant hot dog hats, Halloween masks, and exploding pens.  Nothing gets you in the mood to snack more than fake barf, so we stopped in to a fudge and candy shop and stockpiled chocolate covered raisins for the 2012 apocalypse.

A trip out to little-town, Illinois wouldn’t be complete without a stop into the thrift store and some diner food, then it was back to my parents to watch some Investigation Discovery and eat pizza.  Sunday we wrapped up the estate sale-ing back in Chicago, where I found a dresser under 30 years of junk in someone’s basement.  Unfortunately I was too busy cursing, sweating, and hauling that giant thing up my stairs to film it.

After three hours of scrubbing it down (and almost as much time deciding where to put it), it found a home in the family room… Sy is tremendously pleased that mom and dad brought him a brand new springboard for diving onto the couch.  To show his appreciation, he went into the bedroom and pulled almost all of my ‘delicates’ out of my dresser drawer and threw them, one by one, onto the floor below.  Bad kitty.

music: sea wolf – you’re a wolf