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This weekend I was feeling quite under the weather, so I spent most of it hibernating under blanket mountain, eating mint m & m’s and watching movies.  I was in good company, as Sy thought this was a stellar way to spend the weekend, and we took turns napping and snacking, only leaving the house to restock our candy rations and hunt down a Girl Scout for some thin mints.

Finally on Sunday, I did venture out to Pilsen with A, sissy, and her boyfrehn to ‘El Milagro’ taqueria, to eat some tacos and regain my strength from a weekend of general laziness.  Though it seemed like El Milagro had an off-day, I will most certainly be headed back over to Pilsen once spring rolls around to try out some more places on my quest to find Chicago’s best taco.

music: a. a. bondy – world without end