This weekend started off with a repeat trip to the salon with sissy to get a little ‘ready for spring’ trim.  Afterwards, I went downtown to check out A on the turntables, for night one of his dj weekend extravaganza.

Saturday morning began with a trip to get A a brand new phone, and a ticket to this century.  He dumped the trusty flip phone, shed a tear or two, and immediately went face down into the apple vortal.  Next we restocked our ‘kitty bulk foods grocery store’ that we have going in the pantry, and headed out once again for a spin session as A took over the turntables and I had myself a dance dance party.

Sunday morning we recovered with brunch at City Provisions, which has the friendliest staff, the biggest cups of coffee, and the most divine ‘butchers breakfast’ I have ever had.  I waved the white flag before I gave myself the meat sweats, and went for a long vigorous walk, to enjoy the beautiful weather, the tiny tufts of flowers that braved what will be known as the Winterspring of 2012.

music: ronald jenkees – stay crunchy