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This weekend started off with a Friday night girls night, where we ate drank girly drinks, ate raw cookie dough straight from the bowl, and watched pre-crazytown Britney Spears videos on youtube.

The following few days I went on a few wedding field trips to scout a couple of the possible locations, and get my brain a-storming.  We are very excited, and thankful to have the ‘wedding executive board’ (my family) compromised of the best ‘been there, diy-ed that’ brains around.

Sunday, we all went out to lunch to celebrate my mamacites’ birthday at the Yardhouse with burgers and mountains of appetizers.  It was nice to show some birthday love to the hardest working, most beautiful lady I know.  In honor of her big day, we booked some fancy shmancy, green tea drinking, scented candle lighting, spa treatments for June.  This gives us a great excuse to dedicate some more drinks and quality time to her.

music : gotye – eyes wide open