This weekend we finally got to use our coupon to Muvico, to sit back in their giant double wide theater seats, eat burgers, and drink booze while we watched ‘Cabin in the Woods’.  Win win win.

Saturday morning, after watching Silas ‘the littlest panty-raider’ dig through my unmentionable drawer with his tiny paws of mischief, A and I headed out to get our four eyes some new four eyes.  A’s came in already, but I have to wait another week to pick mine up, and I am absurdly excited.

Sunday morning sissy, A, Tiny, and I went back to City Provisions for their brunch.  Oh-Em-Gee, City Provisions does breakfast like the gods of dawn intended.  Duck fat fries farm fresh eggs, and their own bacon, it is ridiculously satisfying.

After a quick workout, ten billion loads of laundry, and a lazy afternoon, A and I went to Due Lire to celebrate any excuse to eat our anniversary (since we have never celebrated any sort of ‘versary, we convinced ourselves that it was time to make up for lost -versaries)  Afterwards, we hit up to local Yogurt shop, and one million toppings later, we headed home to digest, and show some love to the kitteh.

music: first aid kit – king of the world