This Saturday was Chicago’s ‘Bark in the Park’, the annual 5k for man’s best friend.  Mom brought Jack and his cart to meet up with some of his lion brethren, and sissy brought Moose, to provide comic relief for the well behaved dogs.

After they were done with their doggie parade, and they had filled jack’s cart with all of the doggie swag they could get their paws on, we stopped by the Fido food truck  (yes. Gourmutt is a thing…), so Moose and Jack could get the fanciest brain freezes OF THEIR LIVES.

Saturday evening we celebrated Cinco de Supermoon at K + W’s, with margaritas, and some fancy sausages from Butcher and Larder, the folks that make the epic Kuma’s High on Fire Burger in sausage form.  The sausages were fantastic… although the casings were pretty fra-gi-le.  The fire pit lasted until the wee-hours of the morning, and S’mores were had.  All together a pretty great way to worship the Mexican Derby Gods of the Supermoon.

music: tallest man on earth – the gardener