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This weekend sissy and I took our ‘teased to Jesus’ hair out for margaritas with our favorite twinsies.  We spent the night pretending we were back in Mexico on college study abroad.  Plenty of Espanglish, boy gossip, general mayhem, and fruity flavored hangover inducers.

Saturday I spent the day recovering (ay dios mio) and headed back to the suburbs to celebrate my favorite mamacites.

After an early morning bike ride, and a stop at the office, we went up to Wisconsin to hit the Sunday flea market circuit.  For the first time in flea market history, I did not buy a single item, though I pocketed the cash that I didn’t spend, for next weekend, when we hit up a larger, biannual market that has been a gold mine in years past.

To round out the day, we stopped at Tastee Freeze, so the dogs could get their ‘pup cups’ (vanilla ice cream with a dog treat on top), and then went home to make a mother’s day DIY taco bar.  Que rico.  After celebrating my favorite lady, (Love you mom!), I went back to the city to watch my own baby dive into paper bags and bring me ALL of the toys.

Special thanks to Kellybelly for shooting some of the extra footage.   Also special shout-out to mom…you know, for giving us a reason to celebrate Mother’s day.

music: santigold – disparate youth