This Saturday we spent poolside (kiddie-pool-side) in K + W’s backyard, with a grill, various meats, and some beers.  To escape the sunshine, the boys built a DIY backyard canopy out of W’s vintage parachute.

Sunday was spent at a giant flea market in WI.  Armed with ‘SPF 1,000’, mom and I made our way around, digging through linen bins, haggling negotiating with vendors, helping my justify my obsession with quilts and chairs, and emptying my bank account.  All in all I had a seriously good haul, with an industrial stool and toolbox, some vintage linens, and the secret treasure of the day… a coach satchel, thanks to K’s eagle eyes.

The winner for the most frivolous awesome purchase?  K’s three foot ceramic panther. 

music: blitzen trapper – furr