After spending several days in a lazy kitty puddle, with a few too many withering pathetic looks our way, we A decided it was time to put in the a/c (to please the kitty overlord, of course).  As if someone had pressed his ‘on’ button, Sy was immediately at an 11 on the kitty energy scale.  A few weeks back, we added a ‘compressed catnip ball’ to his toy rotation, and the jury is still out on whether this was an entertainment win, or a noise level lose.  He played so ferociously that we had to put it away for fear the neighbors would think we were playing some sort of floor billiards.

When we weren’t laughing at the cat, we were catching up on shows, eating far too much fro-yo, and taking walks to enjoy the warm evenings, when the sun had ceased to blast Chicago with its heat rays.  Monday we went out to mom and dads for some bbq time, and to watch the dogs heroically ‘rescue’ frisbees, bones, and sticks from certain drowning in the pool.

Not a whole lot better than family, grilled meats, and warm breezes.  Sum-sum-summatime here I come!

music: seabear – i sing, i swim