In the spirit of Father’s day, I decided to channel my dad, the King of Home Improvements (or at least the King of talking about the home improvements that he and my mom undertake).  With the nights getting warmer, and the sun staying up longer, we needed a serious update on our grill situation.

One of the hard parts about having such a handy guy for a dad is that he makes even complex home projects look so easy-peasy… Unfortunately, being handy wasn’t inherited alongside my long legs and big ears.  I was wholly unprepared for the horror that is patio furniture assembly.  There were many casualties in the ‘battle of little bistro table’.  Words were had, tiny screws were lost, tears were shed, and 3 trips were made to paycheck’s-last-stand (otherwise known as Target).  Finally, my monkey fingers were able wrangle the ridiculously tiny nuts onto their ridiculously tiny bolts with absurdly tiny wrenches.

Sunday I spent with my dad.  (Hi dad!).  We chatted, ate enchiladas, swam, and watched the wrecking-ball-dogs wreak havoc on unsuspecting plants, lawn furniture, and small animals.  Later, dad opened gifts and made it rain casino dollars through the deck slats (which W was able to recover with a rake, after breaking through the side of the deck), and we made good use out of moms new sundae dishes, piling our banana splits high with whipped cream and chocolate chips.  It was a wonderful end to a good weekend.  Happy Father’s day dad, we are lucky to have you!

ps. please never stop helping me fix all of the things.