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This weekend we took Lil Homie out for his first romp in the brave new world known as ‘the outdoors’.  He was pretty impressed, and now considers himself ‘Great Hunter Cat’, and constantly meows veiled threats at the bees from the windowsill.

Saturday I went home to mom and dads to run some errands and help peel the wallpaper down in the bathroom for the great bathroom remodel.  Now that they don’t have three girls at home fighting for the bathroom, they can spare a week or so with only one shower.  Adios outlet mall wallpaper (which, for the record, was super stylish), and see ya later 1990’s linoleum… make room for the rain shower and fancy Japanese talking toilets.

Later, mom and I went to Dog Days festivities, with dock jumping dog contests, adorable puppehs, and dog caricaturists.  Somehow, I caught a life threatening case of Tiny Dog Fever.  I don’t normally even care for purse carrying, sweater wearing, cupcake eating canine friends, but yet, I find myself absurdly, ridiculously, can-I-haz-now-ly thinking of how much Silas I would love a tiny furry friend.  Somebody call the doctor, I need a dose of reality.

music: two door cinema club – something good can work