This weekend, after Sy ‘helped’ me accessorize my outfit, by dragging my belts out of the closet and parading them around the house, A and I headed out to my parents house to unpack, organize, and price things for the Wedding Garage Sale Bonanaza next weekend.

My mom is either a saint, or a touch crazy, to agree to help us with all of this… and by ‘help’, I mean collect and store garage-sale-able items for three years in her crawlspace, lug said items up from the basement, and spend 3+ days going through the boxes, unpacking, pricing, repacking, unpacking again, and dealing with 16 hours of ‘So mom, how much do you think…’ ‘Mom!  Where is the…’ ‘Hey mom, can you help me with…’ and lots and lots of ‘Mooooooom!!!’ that came her way.

We rewarded ourselves with a trip to the rodeo to watch amazing feats of horsemanship (and bullmanship?) and eat all of the ice cream.  Because we deserved it.

Next weekend comes the hard part… making our junk into someone else’s junk, and then the best part, making their money into our money.

music: donora – i think i like you