Playing a little catch-up, this week’s video covers last weekend’s ‘gettin hitched garage sale’, which was a pretty big success overall!  Thanks to our family’s junk, a million hours of pricing and organizing, and three days of sitting/standing/haggling/shmoozing, a few more Benjamins Washingtons got invited to the wedding!

This weekend we had a bitty barbecue to celebrate W’s birthday, with homemade sangria, mojitos, and everybody’s favorite, pie (though I have no doubt K could whip up an amazing pie, this one was from here)  Delicious-supreme.

Sunday we piled into Ye Olde Automobile, pointed it northward, and headed up to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, so I could have a legitimate place to wear my sister-wife skirt and flower crown.  The Ren Faire is home to giant turkey legs, bosoms as far as the eye can see, and lots and lots of absurdly detailed costumes.

After watching the falconer, and our knight get bucked off of his good sassy stead, I channeled my inner Katniss Everdeen with a little bit of archery.  Fortunately for the hay bale, but unfortunately for my ego, I was terrible.  I blame my glaucoma…and being left-handed…and being tall…and…and… I was at a DISADVANTAGE I tell ya!  After my miserable performance came sissy, who called it a day after finally hitting the hale bale at all.  We were shown up by our menfolk, who were then equally shown up by our mother.  Go mamacites!

music: beach house – wild