Saturday A and I went out for a bite to eat at the-restaurant-who-shall-not-be-named, for a little date night that ended terribly after we got home, with A doing a little Linda Blair impression… to the horror of Sy and myself.  Homeboy was out of commission.  Not even the fantastical healing powers of Sweet Mandy B’s cupcakes could help, and those cupcakes are as magical as baby unicorns.  (I have had several dreams where the only food we serve at our wedding was cupcakes from SWB’s…and upon waking, I am still pretty convinced that this idea is awesome.)

Silas held a vomit vigil outside the closed bathroom door crying, and because clearly I am an awesome doctor/nurse/girlfriend I heroically put several pillows over my ears and whisper-shouted “are you ok?”, hoping he would take some pepto,, and we could return to the great sunday morning sleep-in.  (hey boyfriend, I’m still super sorry about that… my bad…).

Yours truly and made him up the greatest trashcan-within reach of the couch-within reach of the remote-within reach of 15 bottles of gatorade set-up evar, and headed out to give him a break from my banging around and temperature taking.  Sissy and I took the Moosh for a little dog park action, and then to brownstones for their skillet mac and cheese with bacon.  YES.

Fortunately, A seems to have made a full recovery, as Dr. Silas kept him on a strict regimen of nerdy-tv show watching and sleeping all of Sunday.  Fortunately for us, Dr. Silas gets compensated with belly rubs and catnip.

Its a good thing there are so many delicious places around, we won’t even miss NEVER AGAIN visiting the one with the suspicious shellfish.

music: animal kingdom – white sparks


Also, our boy Jack has been through a bit of an ordeal with knee surgery and a subsequent infection.  He is on the road to recovery, probably wondering why he didn’t get ice cream after surgery, like he saw in the movies.  Get well soon Pup!  One million internet kisses for our favorite Blackjack. ❤