Saturday June 23rd

This weekend sissy and I went downtown to get our shop on a little.  We did some serious damage at a few places, had a little Hannah’s Bretzel, then it was off to buy party supplies for T’s 30th birthdayrama.

Being the queen of all things birthday, sissy had the party planning down.  Balloons, candy buckets, grilled meat, tiny cupcakes, and a surprise-smirnoff-ice (wha?! ugg.  poor T…)  I was pretty early to bed, in order to be up for some bacon, eggs, and catch-up.

We were fortunate that they had a room big enough to fit all of us, and with the median height of my dad’s side of the family at about 6 foot x a lot, this was no small feat.  Being spread out far and wide across North America, we don’t get together as often as we all would like, so it was great to get together and chat over pancakes and the cumulative 100 cups of coffee we drank.

music: free energy – dream city


Saturday June 16th

In the spirit of Father’s day, I decided to channel my dad, the King of Home Improvements (or at least the King of talking about the home improvements that he and my mom undertake).  With the nights getting warmer, and the sun staying up longer, we needed a serious update on our grill situation.

One of the hard parts about having such a handy guy for a dad is that he makes even complex home projects look so easy-peasy… Unfortunately, being handy wasn’t inherited alongside my long legs and big ears.  I was wholly unprepared for the horror that is patio furniture assembly.  There were many casualties in the ‘battle of little bistro table’.  Words were had, tiny screws were lost, tears were shed, and 3 trips were made to paycheck’s-last-stand (otherwise known as Target).  Finally, my monkey fingers were able wrangle the ridiculously tiny nuts onto their ridiculously tiny bolts with absurdly tiny wrenches.

Sunday I spent with my dad.  (Hi dad!).  We chatted, ate enchiladas, swam, and watched the wrecking-ball-dogs wreak havoc on unsuspecting plants, lawn furniture, and small animals.  Later, dad opened gifts and made it rain casino dollars through the deck slats (which W was able to recover with a rake, after breaking through the side of the deck), and we made good use out of moms new sundae dishes, piling our banana splits high with whipped cream and chocolate chips.  It was a wonderful end to a good weekend.  Happy Father’s day dad, we are lucky to have you!

ps. please never stop helping me fix all of the things.

Saturday June 9th



Mom, K and I spent the entire weekend in peoples basements, garages, and cat pee doused living rooms; sifting through piles of headless dolls, sexy connect the dot booklets, crockpots, mountains and mountains of rusty tools.

These past few weekends we have really hit the estate sale circuit, and come out with pretty good hauls of treasures and trinkets, sifting through decades of all things interesting, hilarious, tacky, awesome and everywhere in between.

music: best coast – our deal

Saturday June 2nd

This weekend, after watching the ‘little gentleman friend’ as he ‘chased’ cars and bumblebees from the comfort of the top of the air-conditioning unit, I went to make good on our Mother’s day promise of ladies day, with massages and mexican food.

The following day K and I walked around the neighborhood, looking for estate/yard/get-this-stuff-outta-my-house sales.  We stumbled upon real life Ms. Havisham’s house, but we didn’t do a lot of digging through the boxes, we wer too afraid the walls would come crumbling down upon us, and we would never be found.

I was disappointed to find out that the footage I took this weekend somehow got pixelated, making for some seriously tough editing.  Also, for the record, going through footage of my loved ones faces after they’ve pixel-mutated is surprisingly disturbing.


Saturday May 26th

After spending several days in a lazy kitty puddle, with a few too many withering pathetic looks our way, we A decided it was time to put in the a/c (to please the kitty overlord, of course).  As if someone had pressed his ‘on’ button, Sy was immediately at an 11 on the kitty energy scale.  A few weeks back, we added a ‘compressed catnip ball’ to his toy rotation, and the jury is still out on whether this was an entertainment win, or a noise level lose.  He played so ferociously that we had to put it away for fear the neighbors would think we were playing some sort of floor billiards.

When we weren’t laughing at the cat, we were catching up on shows, eating far too much fro-yo, and taking walks to enjoy the warm evenings, when the sun had ceased to blast Chicago with its heat rays.  Monday we went out to mom and dads for some bbq time, and to watch the dogs heroically ‘rescue’ frisbees, bones, and sticks from certain drowning in the pool.

Not a whole lot better than family, grilled meats, and warm breezes.  Sum-sum-summatime here I come!

music: seabear – i sing, i swim

Saturday May 19th

This Saturday we spent poolside (kiddie-pool-side) in K + W’s backyard, with a grill, various meats, and some beers.  To escape the sunshine, the boys built a DIY backyard canopy out of W’s vintage parachute.

Sunday was spent at a giant flea market in WI.  Armed with ‘SPF 1,000’, mom and I made our way around, digging through linen bins, haggling negotiating with vendors, helping my justify my obsession with quilts and chairs, and emptying my bank account.  All in all I had a seriously good haul, with an industrial stool and toolbox, some vintage linens, and the secret treasure of the day… a coach satchel, thanks to K’s eagle eyes.

The winner for the most frivolous awesome purchase?  K’s three foot ceramic panther. 

music: blitzen trapper – furr

Saturday May 12th


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This weekend sissy and I took our ‘teased to Jesus’ hair out for margaritas with our favorite twinsies.  We spent the night pretending we were back in Mexico on college study abroad.  Plenty of Espanglish, boy gossip, general mayhem, and fruity flavored hangover inducers.

Saturday I spent the day recovering (ay dios mio) and headed back to the suburbs to celebrate my favorite mamacites.

After an early morning bike ride, and a stop at the office, we went up to Wisconsin to hit the Sunday flea market circuit.  For the first time in flea market history, I did not buy a single item, though I pocketed the cash that I didn’t spend, for next weekend, when we hit up a larger, biannual market that has been a gold mine in years past.

To round out the day, we stopped at Tastee Freeze, so the dogs could get their ‘pup cups’ (vanilla ice cream with a dog treat on top), and then went home to make a mother’s day DIY taco bar.  Que rico.  After celebrating my favorite lady, (Love you mom!), I went back to the city to watch my own baby dive into paper bags and bring me ALL of the toys.

Special thanks to Kellybelly for shooting some of the extra footage.   Also special shout-out to mom…you know, for giving us a reason to celebrate Mother’s day.

music: santigold – disparate youth

Saturday May 5th

This Saturday was Chicago’s ‘Bark in the Park’, the annual 5k for man’s best friend.  Mom brought Jack and his cart to meet up with some of his lion brethren, and sissy brought Moose, to provide comic relief for the well behaved dogs.

After they were done with their doggie parade, and they had filled jack’s cart with all of the doggie swag they could get their paws on, we stopped by the Fido food truck  (yes. Gourmutt is a thing…), so Moose and Jack could get the fanciest brain freezes OF THEIR LIVES.

Saturday evening we celebrated Cinco de Supermoon at K + W’s, with margaritas, and some fancy sausages from Butcher and Larder, the folks that make the epic Kuma’s High on Fire Burger in sausage form.  The sausages were fantastic… although the casings were pretty fra-gi-le.  The fire pit lasted until the wee-hours of the morning, and S’mores were had.  All together a pretty great way to worship the Mexican Derby Gods of the Supermoon.

music: tallest man on earth – the gardener

Saturday April 28th


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This weekend we fired up the ol’ U-Haul and dusted off our muscles to help K + W move to their adorable new place.  Biceps were curled, backaches were gotten, and sissy’s (newly) famous pulled pork was demolished.  I forsee some awesome barbecues in our future in their fantastic backyard!

Sunday, after we were able to wretch our achy, sore muscled bodies out of bed, we hit up City Provisions again for their delicious brunch.  City Provisions has been our spring sunday go-to, while we wait out the rest of the rainy season until my precious, glorious sunshine returns, and envelops me a great big summer hug.

music: of monsters and men – mountain sound